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A Message From GLL President Terry Sandee


GLL Families:

We know you have many questions, especially if you are new to the league or to Little League. We get many of the same questions every year. This is an effort to answer many of them. First and foremost are the important dates for the upcoming season. If you have other questions, please email us. We want to make your experience in Glendale Little League great. Thank you for your support!

Terry Sandee


Glendale Little League

Email: [email protected]

Important Dates for the Upcoming Season

For the 2019 season, here are key dates to mark on your calendar


February 22nd

●      Minors – 1:30 – 2:45 PM

●      Majors – 3:00 – 4:15 PM

●      Juniors – 4:30 - 5:30 PM

The Alternate Tryout is Thursday Feb. 20th, from 7:30 to 8:30 pm for those who cannot attend the main tryout. You MUST receive permission to attend the supplemental tryout by contacting Jeff Zuithoff, Player Agent, ([email protected]) no later than Sunday, February 16, 2020.

Both tryouts are held in Nicolet HS Gym 2. Parents are not permitted in the the gym once the tryout starts for safety and insurance reasons.


June 12
Opening day for Juniors, Majors and Minors seasons.

June 12
Opening of Rookies season

TBD/ Undecided
GLL Photo nights

Family Fun Day
Tee Ball Picture Day

Little League Night at Miller Park vs. Kansas City

Opening of Major and Minor Division year-end tournaments.
Major & Minor Division All-Star Games

Rookie Division Tournament
Late July
Fall Ball registration begins

Start of six-week fall ball program
Early December
Spring Season and Skills Clinic registration begins

Frequently Asked Questions

When is registration?


We generally open registration right after Thanksgiving. Late fees kick in by mid-January and a second fee after Feb. 1. The reason for the late fees is to encourage families to sign up early so we can form teams early. Sign-ups at all levels will continue as late as we can allow. Our goal is to allow every player the chance to play balancing with that limits that are needed for us to run the league.


Spreading the word about sign-up is a league-wide job. Returning families are our best ambassadors so please let your friends and family know, especially new families. We offer a refund of the late fees for new families. Please ask about that upon sign-up. Player Agent Tony Bongard can arrange that. Please contact him at [email protected].


Can my child play on his friend’s team?


We do our best to accommodate team requests in the Rookies Division only, and are usually successful. Sometimes, unfortunately the numbers and ages of players on a given team do not allow it. For competitive reasons, the Minors, Majors, and Juniors Divisions do not allow team requests.


Are there tryouts for all divisions?


Tee Ball & Rookie Division:

Tee Ball and Rookie Division players do not attend tryouts. Our VP's places them on teams. We do try to honor team requests if possible, although the number of returning players and the need to balance teams will occasionally make it impossible to honor all requests.


Minors, Majors, and Juniors Division:

There is a tryout held for the Minors, Majors, and Juniors Divisions. Typically the tryouts are held in late February. The draft happens the day after the tryouts. The draft is a selection process by the managers of each team. Each division holds it’s own draft. Managers will contact players within a couple days of the draft. All players are selected and draft order is not released. 



When do practices and games start?


Our teams generally begin practicing indoors in March one time per week, although it varies by team. Most teams begin practicing outside one to two days per week as soon as the weather allows. Each individual coach establishes the practice schedule. Games begin the third or fourth weekend in April and go through the end of June. Games are played on weeknights and weekends. We do not play doubleheaders but teams will occasionally play two games in a weekend, especially in the Juniors Division. Juniors’ teams do not practice much once the season begins due to limited field availability. Here are more specific details on each division:

Tee Ball Division:

Typically coaches will provide a 30 minute practice prior to the games.  Coaches may organize additional practices at their descretion.


Rookie Division:

On average there are two games and one practice in any given week. The Rookies typically begin practicing indoor in late March, one time per week. Outdoor practices usually follow in April. Games begin the first weekend in May. Most teams practice 1-2 times/week during the season. Each individual manager establishes practice schedules and location.


Each team will typically play two games each weekend on Saturday morning starting at 9:00 a.m., Sunday starting at 11:00 am, with the occasional Friday night game starting at 5:45 p.m. We play about 16 games and a post-season tournament. The tournament ends around the second weekend in July.


Minor, Major and Junior Divisions:

On average there are 2 games and 1 practice in any given week. Minor Division teams generally begin practicing indoors in March one time per week, although it varies by team. Most teams begin practicing outside as soon as the weather allows. Each individual manager establishes practice schedules. Games begin the third weekend in April and go through to the end of year tournament (Minors and Majors only), which happens during last week of June. Minors, Majors, and Junior Division games can be on any night of the week and on weekends. We also offer an optional six-week Fall Ball program. Starting in January, we also offer skills clinics.


What are the goals of each division?


Overall, the goals of each division are to develop the players into better athletes, but more importantly, better teammates, and better overall people. Within each division, the league has given each coach a set of baseball-skills related goals that we work towards each player achieving by the end of a player’s time in a given division. Little League’s motto is developing major league citizens.


Does the league offer skills clinics?

Yes. Starting in January, players are able to sign up for clinics run by Nicolet HS coach Jason Grodsky and his staff. The cost is reasonable and it is highly recommended to get ready for the season.



Does the league need volunteers?


Yes! We couldn’t run without volunteers. We always need volunteers to help with any number of league activities. From coaching to working concessions or helping with Family Fun Day, volunteering is vital to the success and experience that we offer our kids. We urge you to help out the managers and coaches with other tasks on the team. Each team should have a Team Parent that can arrange events like Little League Night, Picture Day, after-game snacks (for the younger players), running the scoreboard, running the rookies pitching machine, keeping pitch counts, organizing Helfaer Field tailgates, etc. As you can see the list is lengthy.


If you are interested in volunteering or want to learn more about it, please contact the manager of your team or for general volunteering, reach out to GLL President Terry Sandee at [email protected]


Where are the games played?

Tee Ball:

Most Tee Ball games will be played at Parkway Elementary School fields located at 5910 N. Milwaukee River Parkway in Glendale with a few games played at Glendale Little League Fields located at 1401 W. Civic Dr. in Glendale.



All games are played at the Glendale Little League Fields located at 1401 W. Civic Dr. in Glendale.



Most Minors games are played at the Glendale Little League Fields located at 1401 W. Civic Dr. in Glendale. There may be a few games on the schedule that are played at Good Hope School located at 2315 W. Good Hope Rd.



Most Majors games are played at the Glendale Little League Fields located at 1401 W. Civic Dr. in Glendale. There will be a few games on the schedule that are played at Good Hope School located at 2315 W. Good Hope Rd. In 2017, Majors teams will play on the new slightly larger field, which is at Good Hope.



All Juniors games are played at the larger field at the Glendale Little League located at 1401 W. Civic Dr. in Glendale.


Are carry-ins allowed?

No. We have a concession stand that provides key revenue for our league. We ask that you utilize that. Also, please be mindful to not leave behind trash and pick it up if you see it. We have some of the best Little League fields in the state but too often the setting is marred by trash left on the ground.


Where can I park?


Parking is allowed in Elite’s lot, on our property and on the street. Keep in mind though that parking along side the west field can result in damage from foul balls. Our insurance does not cover damage to cars parked at our field. That risk is assumed by those parking there.



What equipment will my player need?


At minimum, your player will need a baseball glove. Baseball cleats are recommended (metal spikes allowed in Juniors but not in lower divisions). The league will supply each team with batting helmets and one set of catcher’s equipment. Optional items for your player include bats, batting gloves and batting helmets. If your player is going to play catcher, they must have a protective cup in order to play that position.




Please click on the link below for more information.


How many games are on the schedule?


Rookies, Minors and Majors play approximately 18 regular season games followed by a post season tournament of 1-4 games that is played in late June/early July. Juniors play approximately 20 games.  Tee Ball will play 6 games on Saturday mornings.

Are rainouts made up?


No. Several years ago the board changed its policy not to make up rained out games. Rescheduling them proved to be difficult logistically. Instead, we increased the number of overall games, filling many more available slots with the understanding rained-out games would not be made up.


What is inter-league play?


Interleague play is for the Minors, Majors and Juniors. A few games per year will be played between Glendale Little League teams in those divisions and teams that are put together from other areas nearby. For example, a Majors or Juniors team from Glendale Little League might play a team from Whitefish Bay, West Bend or Shorewood or one of our teams may travel to those other league’s fields.


Will I have to travel for games?


There may be some travel during the regular season for interleague games. The postseason All-Star teams may have some travel involved if they advance far enough.


What if I have schedule conflicts?


Our league and coaches understand that there will be circumstances where your player cannot make a practice or game. Open, honest, communication with an email, text or phone call with your player’s coach, are great ways to inform them of your player's conflicts. If you can talk to the coach after a game or practice, that also works great.


What is the end of the year tournament?


The Major, Minor & Rookie divisions of Glendale Little League each have a division tournament at the end of the regular season. There is no travel involved to other cities. The games are played on the Glendale Little League fields just like every other regular season game.


The Division VP randomly selects the Rookies Tournament bracket. Parents should keep in mind that the Rookies Tournament is generally scheduled the second week of July, after the Rookies regular season ends at the end of June.

The Minors and Majors tournament brackets are seeded based on the regular season standings. These tournaments are single elimination. There is typically no end of the year tournament for Juniors based on our past experience with player availability conflicts.


Is there an All Star game?


After the regular season and divisional tournaments are over, there is an All-Star Game in the Majors, Minors and Rookies. Each coach selects 3-4 kids to represent their team. Performance is one of the factors each coach looks at in picking an All-Star, but great sportsmanship, and being a great teammate are also items that are looked at.


What is the Post-Season Team?


Every year, a Post-Season team is chosen to represent the league in games played against other leagues (this is also called All-Star play but because of possible confusion with our regular season All-Star game, we refer to this as the Post-Season teams).


There are four post-season age levels – U10, U11, U12 and U14. In order to be on one of these teams, your player must tryout for the post-season team that is in their age group. This is a cut situation where all players who try out do not make the team. These teams start practices, often in late June, and games are played in July, possibly extending to August depending on the team’s success.


The Majors level Post-Season teams (U12) compete in the age bracket that the televised Little League World Series is in.


What does it cost to play on a Post-Season Team?


There typically is a uniform cost for the Post-Season Teams but there is no cost to play in the games.


Who umpires the games?


Our games are umpired by older players in the division. We train the umpires and provide refreshers when necessary. High schoolers or young adults umpire our higher level games. We ask that parents do not make any comments to umpires during the games. If there are inappropriate comments made or general misconduct by anyone, league officers may remove individuals from the park.

If you have a comment about a specific umpire, parents can report it the Chief Umpire or Division VP. If your daughter or son is interested in becoming an umpire, please contact head umpire Terry Sandee at [email protected]


Is there a Fall Ball program?


We offer an optional six-week Fall Ball program, typically starting in mid August. There also is a skills clinic option run on weeknights. Games are played on Sundays at our facility.


What is “Family Fun Day”?


Family Fun Day takes place on a Saturday in early June at the Glendale Little League Park. It is a day of fun events for the family where players and families can showcase their skills at the speed pitch and dunk their coaches and league officers in the dunk tank. The bounce house provides fun for all ages. The festivities are capped off by a Home Run Derby open to all players and an open division for parents and coaches. Rookie Division games kick off the day. This is the day for the entire Glendale Little League community to have some fun at the Park. One of our primary fund-raising activities, each team is asked to donate items for a silent auction, which helps raise funds for specific improvements to our complex.



What’s this I hear about Helfaer Field Games?


Helfaer Field is the small baseball field located outside of Miller Park. The manager of Rookies, Minors and Majors teams schedules a Helfaer Field game. This game replaces a game on the regular Glendale Little League schedule.


For Minors and Majors, these games are not counted in the standings.

There is an additional cost for Helfaer Field games, usually around $25-$35 per player. Many teams tailgate before or after the game.


What is Little League Night?


Every year in June, the Brewers host a Little League night at Miller Park. We sell tickets to families and players are allowed to march with coaches around the home plate side of the park (parents don’t march but can take pictures). Then teams meet parents and go to the seats for the game. This event is a fund-raiser for us and just a fun time. We encourage everyone to go.


How do team pictures work?


Every year we arrange for two days to have team pictures taken near our fields. (If the weather is good, we take them across from the Glendale Fire Station; in case of rain, we go inside Parkway School). The manager or Team Parent will distribute forms to families prior to the event. It is important to be on time for pictures so players aren’t excluded.


Does the league offer sponsorship opportunities?


Yes. The GLL counts on businesses to support the league through sponsorship of teams and signs, which hang at the park. We ask that all families consider sponsorships. If you run a business or know someone who does, please ask them if they are interested in sponsoring. Families also can buy a sign with a special message on it. For information on costs, please contact GLL Board Fund-Raising chair Russ Hinz at [email protected]



Rookie Division:

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Rookie Division:

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